Who are You on Facebook these Days?

When I first launched Social Media is Simple many of my early students are very accomplished Social Media users today.  Many may remember me OVER emphasizing the fact that how you are logged in meant a lot to Facebook and, depending on how you were logged in, the Page would react differently.  I drove those patient students crazy insisting that they log in as themselves, click over to their Business Page and then log in as the Page.  Over and over I said that……………

Well, sigh, forget about that.  This isn’t a brand new feature, but I was asked about it by Lisa Money of the wonderful Roses and More / Dayley Planet today, so I am happy to oblige.

Using the awesome Snipping Tool – I created this picture Blog about Who Are you

To log into Facebook to use your Business Page, you still have to log into your personal profile, look to the left hand side column of your personal profile newsfeed and click on your Business Page.  As Facebook takes you to the page, it automatically assumes that now you are no longer Brenda Burch, but you are now Social Media is Simple.  So, anything you do going forward – posting, commenting, sharing, will be as your Page.  To ensure you know who you are (ha!) just look to the top of the Page you are working on.  It will read your personal profile name.  Or, as illustrated above, you can see who you are by clicking the downward arrow.  It will clearly say ‘Posting as Social Media is Simple’ or posting as ‘Brenda Burch’ or posting as ‘Brenda’s Blooms’ etc. etc. You can imagine how valuable this feature is for a person like myself who looks after over twenty pages for clients and organizations!  There may be times where, on your Business Page, you’d like to post as yourself………it’s a simple click.  So, depending on what you have to do, you don’t have to go back and forth logging in as a Business Page and logging out as yourself or visa versa.  It’s fairly seamless.

If, however, you venture out onto another Business Page (not a personal profile – Business Pages have very limited ability in terms of any sort of interaction with personal profiles) you can still comment, share, etc. as whomever you want to be.  See the following illustration….. Did YOU know June 30th was Social Media Day??…….. Thanks to Suelle Stewart Creative and Convince & Convert for the image.  See where I have poorly drawn a red circle?  It looks like a flag.  Wherever you are on Facebook, no matter how you logged in, you can click on that flag and you will have the option of choosing whether you as a person or you as your Business want to comment, share, like, whatever.  It’s really that simple, but like so many things on so many social networks, these smaller changes are very poorly communicated and hard to find instructions on.

Blog Who Are You 2


Hope this helped, Lisa.  If anyone has any questions, I am happy to help over the summer.  BTW, Lisa, let’s fix up the url for your Facebook Page, it’s really easy to do and makes it easier for your clients and potential clients to find you!

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