What are ‘Relevant Posts’ on Facebook?

Top 12 Social Media TipsWhat are Relevant Posts on Facebook?

This is the 8th Tip of Brenda’s Twelve Tips of Christmas.  I keep reminding folks that all tips to date can be found here

You may have noticed in the last six months or so that when people comment on your posts (Oh Happy Day! a great way to organically improve reach) it reads Most Relevant at the top of the list of comments.

That means that perhaps not all comments will appear.  Only comments that Facebook’s Algorithm deems most relevant.  The algorithm reads your post for keywords and posts comments that have the most keywords that match within the comment.  If someone posts a worthwhile comment, but it doesn’t include the ‘right’ or ‘enough’ of the right keywords, it may not be displayed.  I believe this is Facebook trying hard to not fill Facebook with content up and over the level that there powerful, powerful servers can handle.  Others may have a different opinion on why the Relevant sorting was introduced – if so, please weigh in here. 

If you have a new Facebook Page, or a Facebook Page that has been around for awhile, the Relevant sorting is the default under Settings.  You can change it, however, so that all the comments on your post are seen.  Here’s how to do it.

As an Administrator of a Facebook Page, click on Settings on the top right corner of your Business Page next to Edit Page Info.  A reminder, Administrators of Pages are the only ones seeing Settings.  When you click on Settings, you will see a long left hand menu.  Hopefully you have visited your settings Page many times to adjust many things!

Once you click on Settings, the next Page defaults to General.  Please stay on that and scroll downward until you reach Comment Ranking.  When you click on that you want to unclick the See most relevant comments by default. Going forward, you and your page visitors and fans will see all the comments on your page.

Working on Tip 9 for Tomorrow, December 23rd!  I hope you are enjoying a safe, happy, and not too crowded holiday season!

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