The Tantalizing Topic of Tagging on Facebook

I recently had the pleasure of teaching two Facebook sessions to the North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association conference in Abbotsford, BC.  One of the sessions was entitled Tips and Tricks and we talked a great deal about how to ensure your Facebook posts actually end up in the newsfeed of your fans or targeted audience.  With Facebook’s algorithms, it’s no easy task.

Something that is a no brainer to at least help to increase reach is the fine art of tagging.  If you have a Personal Profile, you know that in order to ensure your friend Jane sees a post you’ve created that includes her or you think she would be particularly interested in the post, then you simply tag her by starting to type her name, she will come up and she will see your post.  Depending on what ‘level’ of friend she is, she may also receive an email notification telling her she has been tagged.  Those of us who use our Personal Profiles have been doing this consistently for years.  Note:  to tag folks they either have to be your friend, or are friends of friends or part of the post conversation.

For your Business Page on Facebook, most of us know that while creating a post, if you put an @ sign in front of the name of another Facebook Page, Facebook will start showing you Page names as you type until to find the right one.  If you click on the right name, Facebook takes the @ sign away and within the post the tagged Business’s Facebook Page is linked.  The Business knows you have mentioned them in one of your posts and nasty algorithms aside, you have ensured that the business sees your post.  Recently it was revealed that the more tags in a post, the better reach.  Yeah!

But you can take it further.  It’s one thing to tag a Business because you are referring to them.  Please note that if you are posting as the Page, then you can only tag other Pages.  Pages can only tag Pages.  Pages have fans, not friends.  As often mentioned, continually using your Facebook Page as the Page restricts the number of features available and the ability to increase reach for the Page.  There is a consistent and relentless objective by Facebook to blur the lines between a Page Administrator’s Personal Profile and any of the Pages he/she administers.

If you can only tag businesses while posting as your Business Page, how to tag people who should be seeing the post?  Simply by posting as yourself rather than as the Page.  In the little avatar in the top right corner of every posting space on Facebook Pages on the Timeline, is a little avatar with a downward arrow.  Click on the arrow and you can easily see that while managing your Page you can post as the page, post as you, or post as any other Facebook Page you are an Administrator for.  If you post as yourself, you can tag businesses AND people.  

Fully appreciating that this WILL reveal who is an Administrator for the Page, and therefore these suggestions are best suited to owner/operators or folks comfortable with coming out from behind the mask that Facebook provides to ensure no one knows who administers any Facebook Page.

Simply put, tagging both people and businesses – not only the ones you are referring to but also folks you think could benefit from seeing the post – can’t help but increase reach and who doesn’t want that?

Two final comments……  The preceding works a little differently in Closed or Private Groups on Facebook.  And whether you are using the Pages app for Facebook or Facebook directly on a mobile phone, the whole tagging process doesn’t work well.  Hopefully someone is working on that!



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  Comments: 5

  1. Thanks for the useful Facebook tagging advice. Great to know we can tag people and pages using our own profile.

  2. For some reason I don’t seem to have the option anymore of changing who I am posting as – the avatar is only Mid Island Ink Depot. This only recently changed for me so I am not sure what is going on. I don’t think I am doing anything differently.

    • What does it say at the top of your Facebook Page, Leigh? If it says Leigh, but the avatar says Mid Island Ink Depot then you only have to click on the downward arrow beside it and it will show you how to change to posting as Leigh. Does that make sense? If, for some reason, you originally logged in as Leigh and then went over to the Mid Island Ink Depot page and logged in as the Page, there is no flexibility in the Avatar. If that doesn’t work, let’s connect ear to ear and I will talk you through it.

  3. Love the cows!

    • The cows are my neighbours, Debbie! I took that picture last year. They are very curious and my dogs are curious and quite a lot of communication takes place across the fence! The Cowichan Valley is very Agriculture, and my reference to the North American Farmers Direct Marketing Association in the post was agricultural, so I thought, why not a picture of the cows?

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