The Story of Stories

Top 12 Social Media TipsThe Story of Stories is Tip Number 7 of Brenda’s Twelve Tips of Christmas.

This time of year, Social Media Marketing Thought Leaders (some call them Gurus) make predictions on what is coming up in the world of Social Media for next year.  Any self respecting social media consultant reads all the predictions he/she can find to get ahead of the constant learning game.

In the various predictions I have read so far, all include the prediction that mastering and utilizing Stories, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, will become mandatory to keep your business message in front of your existing and potential clients and others of the Business Tribe.  Certainly Stories are being well used now, but a fair number of Business Page/Account Administrators only use the basic app on Stories.  Utilizing more apps to get the message out in the shortened time associated with Stories is what this tip is about!

Whatever you do to learn new techniques or new features on any social media network should be utilized now.  Some people keep abreast by following Social Media Gurus and Social Media Consultants (maybe me?), some hear of the features and then Google how to apply and use the features, what app is best, some attend public seminars (I will hold one on Stories in February 2020), some attend Webinars, and some actually consult places like Facebook Business for their explanation on how the new feature/app/technique works.

Whatever you do to keep up with the ever changing world of Social Media Marketing, here are a few links to good blog posts on beginner and somewhat Advanced Stories.  How to use Instagram Stories – a step by step guide

Lots of information here, but have a pad of paper to take notes and a strong cup of coffee before watching.  The fellow goes rather quickly!  For Facebook – How to Create a Facebook Story on a Business Page

And the Tips Go On! (quote from Cher).  Tip 8 will appear tomorrow, December 21.

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