The Sad Case of Bev and Pinterest

Welcome to my new blog. I have been writing blogs and stories for years, but never in one spot or consistently. Now, consistently at least twice a month I shall be blogging on social media and all its challenges, quirks, and features. I may occasionally sneak in an opinion on life in the 21st century, dogs, gardening, and killer whales………but mostly social media as my company is SOCIAL MEDIA IS SIMPLE

Here’s a great example where Social Media isn’t very Simple….. I have a student who has become a friend. She is the Marketing Manager for an educational institution and does a bang up job of keeping the students, the faculty, the parents, and the community up to date on all areas of the school’s activities on both a Facebook Page and a Twitter account. She has never, however, EVER signed up for or even visited Pinterest.

She did, however, receive this a few weeks ago:



Remember as we go through this, Bev has never visited Pinterest much less ‘grabbed herself a spot on Pinterest’ Nothing was done, no spots were grabbed.

Here’s what came next:



Goodness only knows what would have happened if Bev had confirmed her email. This is supposedly to help her ‘finish signing up on Pinterest’. She never started to do so! Now things get even more interesting……….

This is what arrived TO ME via email next:



Bev, (ok, in order to be authentic, I need to reveal that Bev is a real person, Beverlee Caron and she does an outstanding job for the Duncan Christian School here in Duncan, BC – Beverlee is OK with me using her name) Back to the blog. I receive the above notice. How the heck can Beverlee follow all my boards on Pinterest when, in fact, she has never visited Pinterest? I did not follow Beverlee back, because now we are onto this issue and we wanted to see how far it goes. As most of you no doubt gathered, I do have a Pinterest account which I used mostly for recipes and Corgis. Another blog for another day.

Here’s the next step:



The last email to Beverlee has been repeated many times. How the heck does Pinterest know what sort of pins Beverlee likes? Where is the correlation between bananas and a Beauty Panel. What the heck is going on?

Well, perhaps Pinterest would like to offer an explanation, but here is mine in the event the first edition of Brenda Burch’s Blog isn’t on Pinterest’s radar. Firstly, Beverlee is obviously on someone’s email list. I assume most of us are on some folks’ email list. Whether you use Outlook or gmail or whatever program you choose, most of us add in frequent recipients of our email for easy searching or to help the computer remember. WITHOUT ASKING BEVERLEE, someone who has Beverlee on their list, clicked a button on Pinterest that says something like ‘Click here to tell all your friends about Pinterest (or LinkedIn – they do something very similar)’ and voila! Pinterest automatically grabs all your friends and puts them on their database so they can start a campaign like above to hopefully fool Beverlee into setting up a Pinterest account and becoming another number in their ever growing list of ‘users’. Don’t click that link, please, without contacting all your friends or whoever is on your email list to ensure they would like this near harassment.

Please note, this blog is NOT about Pinterest as a social network. Millions of folks, and certainly many of my friends, clients, family and more are devoted or even addicted Pinterest fans. This blog merely points out that this type of relentless method of trying to gain new users doesn’t sit well with me……or Beverlee either. Thanks for being a good sport, Beverlee. Hopefully folks will think twice about clicking on links ‘inviting their friends’.

Till next time – Social Media is Simple…………..mostly.

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