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Top 12 Social Media Tips

Does anyone use the Pages Feed for Business Pages on Facebook?

This is the 5th of Brenda’s Twelve Tips of Christmas .  

As I continue to post through to the 12th Tip and whether you are seeing the tip on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN or Twitter please know that for Instagram the link to my website and the blogs are in the Bio and that the social networks have live links like the paragraph above..

When I first launched Social Media is Not Simple  Business Pages on Facebook didn’t exist.  When they did finally exist, there was an interesting ‘must do’ list of things that all Administrators for Facebook Pages must do in order to have success with their new Facebook Pages.  It was an interesting time and many of the ‘must do’ things done then are not done any more at all.

But, on the ‘must do’ list was that it was good Facebook Social Media practise to have Pages follow other Pages.  To a brand new Administrator, this was originally a little confusing but what it meant was that your Page could/should follow other Pages to create a Pages Feed.  This Pages Feed is a newsfeed of the latest posts of Pages that your Page follows.  Are you following me so far?

For a Page to follow a Page you simply have to visit a page that would interest the visitors to your page and you.  Once you arrive there – you will see near the top in both the old Facebook format version and the new Facebook version (see Tip 4 about that) three dots.  Click on the three dots and you can Like This Page as Your Page.

Where can you find this wonderful Pages Feed that is advertisement free?  Simple type I am sure you know you don’t type the ‘whatever’ script but the name of your Facebook Page.

Your Page should follow other Pages that should be of interest to your fans and visitors.  Twice a week or so you should visit your Pages Feed, like some of the posts, share some of them, comment on some of them and strengthen the ‘social’ part of your Facebook Page.  You will be surprised at how much content can be discovered by checking, adding to, and curating your Pages Feed.


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