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I had the pleasure of training four different businesses this week on Updated Facebook.  Most had some exposure, one group had a great deal of exposure and all still ask the same question as I was being asked when I launched Social Media is Simple four years ago.  How important is it to have lots of fans on Facebook???

Short answer?  There is no definitive number and the number of likes is FAR less important than the quality of the likes.  What you see on the Timeline of any Facebook Page represents only the number of people who like the page.  PERIOD.  Only the personal profiles who went to the Page, clicked on a promoting post or advertisement or some other immediate click through, are displayed.  Any Pages who have liked your Page can be found by clicking on the See All button after clicking on Likes on the right hand side menu at the top of a Page (seen only by Administrators). You can then choose Pages and see which Pages liked your Page, but those likes don’t benefit your Page like people do.

More short answer……….. Apart from amassing 100 likes so that Facebook allows you all your features, the number of likes depends on how you answer this question “Who do I want to see my Page’s posts AND interact with my posts by sharing, commenting, liking, etc.’  Before you come up with a clients, customers, stakeholders type of answer consider a few others.  Don’t you want to fairly consistently interact with the various media in your area or region so that they see some of your posts and you see theirs?  If you live in a smaller region, wouldn’t 200 likes allow for a good percentage of your community and allow your Facebook Page to build by having them share with their Likes?  That old shampoo commercial about ‘I told two friends, who told two friends, who told two friends’ is a decent basis for a description of one of the most powerful advantages of Social Media.

More short answer……..OK this is becoming a longer answer – Those Pages who have tens of thousands or likes or even thousands of likes are either !) BIG BRANDS like Coca-Cola or Walmart. .  They work on amazing customized apps that create games, contests, and allow visitors to do things most average businesses wouldn’t think of and probably couldn’t afford. 2.) People have PAID for these likes.  There are lots of companies who will, for a few pennies a ‘like’ have employees click the ‘like’ button on any number of businesses who are willing to pay.  Why have ‘likes’ that will never interact and are, in fact, not even vaguely interested in your business?

Social Media is Simple has, as of today (April 24, 2015)  688 likes and I have been working this Facebook Page reasonably consistently for over 4 years.  I have never paid for a Social Media is Simple like. You can see above who they are demographically.  You could say in looking at mine that I know my target audience is women over 35 (mostly).  Or you could say, ‘Brenda, you have a lot of work to do to get folks who are your clients or stakeholders to actually like your Page AS THEMSELVES.  I have more clients than I have ‘likes’ on my Page! Most posts are read in a person’s personal profile feed, not through the Page newsfeed.  And, perhaps, I better start appealing more to what men want to learn about Social Media.  This all aids in the all important ‘targeting’ that is my buzz word for 2015.

Finally, don’t stress about how many ‘likes’ your Facebook Page has.  As long as you are getting engagement – likes, shares, comments, questions and interaction on your Page, you are fine with whatever number you’ve got.  Getting all those things is a tall order and better for another day.  If you can squeeze it in to your busy schedule, anytime a person likes your page, take the time to thank them.  Thank them publicly on the Timeline, privately through a message or send them a dozen roses.  If a person takes the time to ‘like’ your page without payment, they are saying ‘I am interested in you and your goods/services/events whatever.  That’s all….hopefully something to think about.

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  1. Thank you Brenda! Great advice as always!

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