The future is here – check out Facebook’s latest Business Page format

Top 12 Social Media TipsThe Future is Here.  Check out Facebook’s latest Business Page format at Social Media is not Simple.

This is the 4th Tip from Brenda’s Twelve Tips of Christmas and it might be you see this information here first!

Looks quite different, eh?  If you are an Administrator of a Facebook Business Page it looks QUITE different and how to navigate it is quite different. Some familiar sections aren’t there any more and either have disappeared or are found somewhere else.  There is an easy to follow option of what the Page looks like for you and what a Visitor sees.  Please do check out the ‘What a Visitor sees’ section.  It looks pretty different to visitors as well.

Whenever I have seen the ‘Would you like to switch over to the new Facebook Format?’ offer on my Business Page, I have to click ‘yes’ and start familiarizing myself with the new format as well as start looking for webinars for Facebook Consultants which will point out all the new elements.  Here is a great and very clear blog from  You can, of course, Google Facebook Business and ask about the new format.  Blogs like the one linked here probably provide more straightforward, easy to follow information.

It’s new, it’s different, it will take some time to work through so you can continue to manage your Facebook Page with speed and accuracy and success.

I definitely see a public seminar or two coming on for ‘How to effectively Manage the New Facebook Page Format’ in early 2020.  I wonder just how many of these format changes I have seen in 10 years?

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