Talent Sourcer for Management Positions in The Cowichan Valley

I am pleased to wear two hats at this stage of my career.

For over thirty-five years, I have been involved in recruitment for management jobs and positions on behalf of the Retail industry in Canada.  I served as Corporate Human Resources Manager at Woodward’s Stores and while hiring over 50 management and executive team members from Buyers, to Visual Presentation, to Corporate Finance, Marketing, Advertising, Inventory management, and Executive positions, I learned the terms, philosophies, and challenges of a large retail operation.

When Woodward’s sold its remaining assets to the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1991, I launched Dumont & Associates Retail Recruitment Ltd and over a nine-year term our little Vancouver – based search firm became a leader in recruitment for the Retail industry in Canada.  We helped Home Depot, Zara, and many others come to Canada and built entire corporate teams for companies such as Rogers Video and The Brick.  Jackie Ross was one of Dumont & Associates shining stars and she carries on a quality search firm JRoss Retail Recruiters 


I launched canadianretail.com – Canada’s first and only retail-only job board in Canada.  We grew over 5 years to become the digital job home for most retailers operating in Canada.  We pioneered the Store Profile to help job seekers decide which retailer would best suit them, and we were blogging through our e-newsletter before the word ‘blog’ came into being.

Canadianretail.com was sold to CanWest Global and I continued to work in the digital retail area there for four years. The canadianretail.com domain name and logo now belong to Workopolis.

Bjork Recruiting

Bjork Recruiting ServicesI now continue to provide quality, seasoned talent search services to the business community in the Cowichan Valley under the name Bjork Recruiting while also providing social media training and coaching to businesses on Vancouver Island – primarily the Cowichan Valley – under the name Social Media Is Not Simple.  I enjoy a very strong retail network across Canada and stay abreast of the constant changes.

In addition to my love of the Retail industry in Canada, I love gardening, my two Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Reba and Jolene, and I do Agility with both Corgis. I also love cooking and travel.  Clients will confirm my passion for the Retail industry.  Please view both my endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn at Brenda’s LinkedIn Profile