Social Media Developments and Trends for 2015

Blog and Newsletter

Blogs and e-newsletters will continue to be important in 2015. They are the core of your marketing online presence.

A blog connected with your website creates a unique URL that can be shared via all of your other social market platforms. In turn, this unique URL can be used to drive your e-newsletter readers to your website.

Both help you to educate your audience, create engagement and entertain. By sharing – not selling – you set yourself as an expert in your field.


You will want to gain a solid understanding of who/what your target market is. Knowing this allows you create focused content to appeal to the different audiences. Targeting will also help you to define any problems that may exist in your current marketing strategy.

A sample of questions to ask:

  1. Where does your audience go for information?
  2. Are you one of their resources?
  3. What inspires them?
  4. What are your demographics?
  5. Are they currently using your service/product?

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is calling it “Objective – Based Campaigns”. The cost is set by you or you can bid on actions that align with your campaign objectives. To learn more at Twitter Ads.

twitter advertisinf

Facebook Trends

facebook trends

Facebook continues to change in 2015. There is a “graying” of Facebook as more users are over 45. It is still an inexpensive platform to advertise on but don’t be surprised as rates go up. Facebook stills wants to maintain distance between the “personal” self and the “business” self. Some changes have made it easier for businesses such as including Call-to-Action text in the cover photo and providing Call-to-Action buttons. On the downside, Facebook’s algorithm rewards organic reach to content-rich posts with photos or video. This trend continues to frustrate marketers but they are unlikely to move from this platform anytime soon.

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