Social Media is Social maybe my best tip!

Social Media is Social.   


This is a concept that I have learned over the 10 years of operating Social Media is Not Simple

It is also a concept that seems to be hard to embrace by many small and large businesses, organizations, and non-profits.

The concept is simply this:  Successful social media marketing engagement works much better if your content is not a steady stream of what you sell, but also involves support for your community and your industry.  Period.  

We all know of businesses in our community who provide a steady stream of images of what they sell – furniture, houses, haircuts, and so much more.  They never discuss other furniture stores that don’t compete in their region,or discuss a newly opened coffee shop, or the latest event happening in their area to support a good cause or even a new arts building that needs everyone’s support.  If you shift some of the content on your social media networks to supporting others, then darn!  you will fine they will support you.  But more importantly, supporting and sharing should not be about strictly waiting for support back, but to genuinely strengthen your community.

In this vein, today I am supporting Klean Detailz

Erin the owner isn’t a client of Social Media is Not Simple and I met him because I was given a gift certificate for a full detail of my car.  Goodness knows the car needed it.  I have now two Corgis and they are renowned for their shedding abilities.

Here is my way of keeping the Social Media is Not Simple page social.  Erin and his team did an outstanding job of cleaning my rather furred and muddied up Honda CRV.  They adjusted their hours to accommodate me because I didn’t want to spend Christmas in Vancouver with my family with a smelly and dirty car.   They went out of their way to get me back to my office and then returned after nearly a full day of cleaning the car.

So, this is a social recommendation from my social media page.  The more we all do of this within our region, the better the whole business community thrives.  Thanks, Erin – I really appreciated your excellent job and the extra effort to have it done in my timeframe.

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