Session Curriculum

Training Session Curriculum


Training Session Curriculum is provided in these various areas.


Below are just outlines, the training is always customized to address the learning requirements of each client:



  • Session 1 – Includes creating a Facebook Business Page for your business with correct coding and keyword development. This session covers all the basics of operating a Business Page on Facebook’s latest Timeline design. The session includes Facebook’s philosophy on Business Pages, effective utilization of the basics components of the page including posting, fan development, best practises, the importance of timing,
  • Session 2 – Session 1 must be completed before this Session is undertaken to ensure all aspects are being covered. This session includes The philosophy of engagement, boosting posts and an overview of Advertising on Facebook, an overview of the statistics available on Facebook including what each area means and how to access the statistics, content creation and curation for posts, the value of ‘specials’, ‘events’, contests, and which Pages to follow to develop an effective Newsfeed.


  • Session 1 – Introductory session Basic philosophy, Instagram account set-up, Business versus Personal account? Linking the two, hashtag protocol, demographics of Instagram and the importance of image range and quality. The right way to build the original profile.
  • Session 2 – The value of linking your Facebook account to your Instagram account, what can be accomplished using both, advertising on Instagram, and more advanced features.


  • Session 1 – introductory session – Basic philosophy and demographics associated with LinkedIn. LinkedIn account set-up including complete profile composition, how to connect, how to choose whom to connect with, how to respond to a connection request, essential components including status updates on LinkedIn,
  • Session 2 – Components include Groups – which ones to join, why, how to manage notifications, how to contact connections, how to grow your business using LinkedIn, company pages, how to avoid creating spam content according to LinkedIn’s rules.