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We have trained over 250 people in effectively managing their social media marketing presence.

Our goal is to equip businesses and individuals with a thorough understanding of the overall philosophy of social media marketing, the knowledge to develop an appropriate social media plan, and the understanding of how to effectively implement that plan.

The class levels are for those not acquainted with social media marketing or those utilizing social media at a basic level. Advanced classes/consulting can be arranged upon request.
Training is provided on either a one on one basis or training is offered periodically through public seminars.


We provide individual research and solutions for your business.  Our extensive career background in marketing adds value to clients who are seeking to succeed using social media marketing techniques and philosophies.

Social Media Marketing coaching and consulting is available in customized packages combining marketing skills with research and plan design which are created uniquely for each client and circumstance. Our goal is to provide workable and basic starting and building points for businesses using appropriate social media platforms. A one-hour preliminary session to determine requirements is always complimentary.