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Posting on Facebook is Changing. Here is Tip Two (through the tulips – HA) of my 12 Tips of Christmas Series. By nature of the tip, it has to be fairly short and sweet. It is more of a ‘what’s here and what else is coming’ tip.

If you are an Administrator on a Facebook Page currently, you will have discovered that you can’t schedule your post on Facebook to appear when you would like it using the usual format.

To give you the preliminary details on how to now schedule a post on Facebook, please click Here for a short video from Mari Smith on what’s Upcoming  

Instead of scheduling your post after you have created it at the bottom of the post form, IF you plan to schedule you need to go to Publishing Tools at the top of your Facebook Page Main Page and then click on ‘Creator Studio’ You can create a post as you’ve always done, add an image, etc. and at the very bottom right you will see the familiar ‘Publish’ in blue.  Click on the downward arrow and voila!  there is the opportunity to schedule your post if you wish.  If you don’t want to schedule your post, you can just post as normal and click on the Share Now button.

Two things to consider with this tip.  It is VERY important to learn, over time and using Insights (another tip) when is the best time to schedule your posts on Facebook and Instagram.  Just posting at any time that is convenient for you won’t give you the results you want.

Folks, this is just the beginning of changing how to post on Facebook.  You can see when you go to the Creator Studio that there is all sorts of new features in the Creator Studio, some of which have been in Insights and other areas on the Facebook platforms.  I believe there will become a time when anyone posting on Facebook Pages, and probably Groups, will have to use the Creator Studio to get the job done.

Tip Three tomorrow, Friday, December 6.


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