Is Social Media Simple? I contemplate the name game



To many of you in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, the above logo for my social media consultancy is fairly familiar.  Before I knew better, I contracted to have the logo created by an online company for about $300.00 It turned out alright, but I now know it isn’t a best practise.   Read more...

The Big Bang Theory and Retail & Hospitality as a Career


As many folks who read this blog or follow me on most Social networks know, I have had a lifelong career in recruitment, particularly recruitment for the Retail and Hospitality industries in Canada.

During that rather lengthy (ahem!) time, both industries have battled perception problems from potential employees.   Read more...

The excellent Social Media story of Ralph and George

Ralph and George
No, this isn’t me ranting on about my Corgis again. This struck me as a neat example of how some initiative, some photography skills, and two cute pets – they DON’T have to be Corgis – can produce a loyal fan base, perhaps some income, and a very solid brand.