Export Navigator Advisor Cowichan Valley



Export Navigator Advisor – Contract Position


The Export Navigator Program is a provincial and federal government initiative that aims to address the issues business owners encounter in exporting to remove barriers to growing and expanding a company. The Program provides businesses with access to community-based Export Advisors who will provide a personalized, step-by-step approach to exporting and help connect businesses to the appropriate programs, services, and contacts at every stage of the export process. Read more...

Head Chef for a beautiful fine dining restaurant and B and B




Head Chef

An awesome Fine Dining Opportunity

Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island



Most people enjoy food, some view food as just a way to survive, but there are the brilliant folks who actually have a passion for food. We would like to hire a Head Chef with a real passion for food from a fine dining background. Read more...



Sharing (or reposting on Instagram) is a key best practice in Business Social Media Marketing. Instagram is approaching the status of the go-to social network for businesses and organizations.  No sensible business would abandon a Facebook Business Page, but when you can maintain a Facebook Business Page and an Instagram business account almost simultaneously and also consider a Facebook Group for your business it makes social media marketing sense to develop an Instagram presence including reposts. Read more...

Facebook and Instagram – Should you choose Instagram



Should you choose Instagram to promote your business over Facebook?  In this second blog in a series, we continue to compare the two social networks.

Many administrators of Facebook Pages have been experimenting with Instagram and wonder if more effort should be put in the Instagram direction.   Read more...

Facebook and Instagram – Can you compare at all?



The statistics for Facebook in areas of total users (over 1.8 BILLION) reach, engagement, results, etc. are well known and phenomenal.  Facebook owns Instagram, everyone knows that.

There are many small businesses in the Cowichan Valley (and very likely around the world) that have embraced Instagram for a variety of reasons.   Read more...