Keywords – essential in winning in social media marketing

Hopefully, most reading this blog understand the term ‘keywords’.  No matter how sophisticated, or complicated, or feature-rich any social media marketing platform is, keywords are always the key to success.  Despite how fantastic your expertise is in creating an awesome Facebook Page, Instagram account, Twitter account, YouTube account, etc. etc. if you can’t be found by the various search engines on their search engines, or Google or others, what’s the point?

Despite a mind-boggling amount of new features that literally will let you do everything including turning the coffee machine on , (OK, maybe not that)  you aren’t going anywhere business-wise online unless you can be found.  The basic explanation between search engines and keywords is very straightforward.  When someone types in a search phrase like ‘Social Media Consultant Cowichan Valley’ I am delighted to see that Social Media is Not Simple  comes up in the top three results.  This isn’t by luck or circumstance.  It’s because I pay to have the correct keywords, in the correct sequence and correct numbers appear on the first page of my website to grab the right type of customer for my business. I am sure most if not all of you know, this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it’s virtually essential to rock and roll.  Also, please know, before I get a barrage of emails and comments from Search Engine Optimization experts, the actual workings of SEO is much more complicated than what I am describing here.

Sure, time honoured marketing techniques like networking and community involvement and trade show appearance, and others don’t need keywords.  But, figuring out the right keywords for your industry and your business is really essential to succeed online including not just your website, but the social media marketing platforms as well.

There are places you can go to find the most successful keywords for your industry and I am sharing them here.  I accessed this great list from a Closed Group for those of us who train Social Media operated by Juhli Selby Social Media      

Juhli is an outstanding Victoria based resource and trainer and social media coach throughout Vancouver Island and beyond.  She also helps folks like me stay up to date. She is also an awesome speaker, a photographer, etc. etc.

This list suggests the best keywords search tools.  Yes, you can search to find what works best in your industry and your location.

Keywords will always remain a very relevant and crucial element in online success!

I still owe my blog audience a third blog on the differences/similarities/how to hook up between Facebook and Instagram.  It is definitely coming up shortly.  Both Facebook and Instagram have changed some things recently.


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