Is Social Media Simple? I contemplate the name game



To many of you in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, the above logo for my social media consultancy is fairly familiar.  Before I knew better, I contracted to have the logo created by an online company for about $300.00 It turned out alright, but I now know it isn’t a best practise.  Before getting the logo done, I thought long and hard about what the name of my new social media consultancy should be.  I wanted the name to include Social Media because if that’s what you focus on, it’s good for recognition, display, SEO, early identification, etc.  Six years ago, it seemed catchy and had alliteration and it was true to my belief that people who were well taught on the mechanics and some of the philosophy of social media would find it fairly straightforward – even simple – to add to their sales and marketing toolbox.

For certain initially, learning the mechanics of creating and managing a Facebook Business Page was fairly straightforward.  Twitter had a few more wrinkles like lists and that 140 character requirement and the retweeting and mentioning took some learning, but businesses of all types – particularly in the Cowichan Valley – were tweeting with the best of them and the whole concept of social media started to take hold.  Please note, whether Facebook or Twitter or eventually Pinterest and one of the earliest adapters of a social media network – LinkedIn – has FAR, FAR fewer users.  In 6 years, the number of visitors per social network have risen dramatically – and that’s an understatement.  The last number I could find for Facebook users this week is approaching 1.5 Billion.  Yes, billion.  Unquestionably Facebook is the largest social network – if you’d like to be informed and astonished further, check out this blog post through DMR by Craig Smith – post was written in November 2016.

I think two prevalent drivers to making Social Media marketing more and more challenging – and certainly not simple – is all networks, particularly Facebook, trying to find a way to deliver the right content into their users’ newsfeed, hence the everchanging rules for algorithms.  The second driver to making procedures more complicated to follow is the introduction of the ability to enhance your content’s exposure by paying.  Almost all social networks offer advertising in several forms whether straightforward ads on the pages of the network or more innovative options like boosting a post on Facebook.  The preference for videos is everywhere, the ability to communicate face to face with your customers for a wide variety of reasons, tell stories to your customers or your friends, is available on most networks, and standing out from the crowd – or even getting to the right crowd – is simply no longer simple.

What would you do if you were me?  I now own the domain name for ‘CowichanSocialMedia’ and my business (not personal) Instagram account is cowichansocialmedia.  Should I change the 6 year name Social Media is Simple and all the branding including signage all over my car to Cowichan Social Media?  How important is the name of a company?  Obviously if you are Coca-Cola or The Hudson’s Bay Company, changing names isn’t an option.  But Best Buy buried the Future Shop brand in a New York minute despite operating separately for 15 years without any break in the action, it seems.  There are iconic brands much, much larger than a tiny little consultancy on Vancouver Island that, after purchase, changed to a new name or kept the name of the purchaser and carried on.  I just don’t want any existing or potential clients to feel that I any longer believe Social Media is Simple.  Your thoughts can be recorded in the comments below, on the Social Media is Simple Facebook page –  where I will post this blog.  I will include a link in the profile of @cowichansocialmedia on Instagram and a link on Social Media is Simple’s Twitter account – @smissimple If Linkedin is your network, I am under Brenda Burch or the Cowichan Valley Business Group.  I am grateful for any ideas, suggestions, comments, etc.

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  Comments: 4

  1. Well I think you’re right, Brenda, that the original name has lost some of its ‘truth’. When we think about just how much power social media wields now…it appears it can literally lose elections in the most powerful country on earth…and we know it to be ever changing…the word ‘Simple’ is just not correct. Ever changing, yes. Powerful, obviously. A little scary, too, when you think about the Pandora’s Box that so many response threads, on Twitter, etc., have become. But your focus, and that of your followers, is the business application of social media. So in that context, what is the greatest and most relevant truth? Social media is an ever changing but very powerful and inevitable component of any modern business.

    • You are absolutely right, Mrs. Innkeeper. Consider the ‘power’ social media is wielding today and did last night after Meryl Streep’s comments at the Golden Globes. And Mr. Trump’s ill advised responses on Twitter. I need to find a way to take the Simple out while still striving to keep ordinary operation of a few social media networks straightforward. I greatly appreciate your comments and your time in weighing in.

  2. Rebecca Morley Jones

    I think Cowichan Social Media is the better name overall. It sounds more like a business. To me SMIS sounds more like a club name.

    How about having ‘Cowichan Social Media’ with ‘Social media made simple’ as a tag line? Essentially that’s what your clients want and it helps keep a continuation of the name. I changed the ‘is’ to a ‘made’ to reflect that it’s no longer simple, but your service is to make it simpler for them. It helps New people to know what you do too. It is still a good blog name under the ‘Cowichan Social Media’ umbrella.

    Just my thoughts. Obv feel free to ignore if that doesn’t work for you 😊

    • Excellent suggestions Mrs. Jam. I may have to rethink your name to Mrs. Superior Artist or just plain Mrs. Talented. It’s clear that making excellent jams and jellies is not all you do. Your comments make great sense. There is a social media consultancy in Whistler whose name, I think, is Social Media Made Simple. It isn’t breaking copyright if I use it as a tagline, but I will check it out first. Thanks so much for your great suggestions.

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