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Images and Pictures on Facebook and Instagram are really two separate things and reading Tip 6 here may help you to maximize your results on both social media networks.

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Everyone knows the necessity of quality images on any social media network.  The images need to be clear, they need to be correctly sized to the specific social network they are posted on, and they need to reflect the post content to be authentic.

Here are a few facts about Instagram to help some folks have a better understanding of what images work best.  Like Facebook, Instagram prefers videos or the use of Stories or both but we are talking images here in this Tip.  Instagram started out as a social network for photographers – both professional and amateur and anyone who enjoyed taking pictures.  The basic premise was to take a picture with your mobile device (hence Insta) and post.  The text was always about what the image was capturing and sometimes it included what equipment was used.  Originally, what was always posted was strictly the picture taken with no photoshopping and certainly not a resized poster.  Photographers followed other photographers whose work they admired.  There were no Business Accounts, no algorithms, and you couldn’t ‘share’ on Instagram to protect the ownership of the photos.

And then Facebook bought Instagram.  Now there are Business Accounts.  Now you will find heavily photoshopped images all over Instagram.  You can ‘share’ a post now, but you seldom see it done as it requires the download of another app and several clicks to get sharing a post to work.  And Instagram most certainly has an algorithm which changes what posts it likes and doesn’t as regularly as the Facebook algorithm does.  The real tip here, whether Facebook or Instagram is that the more picture and the less text on any post or Story will give you the best reach results.

Anyone who uses Facebook or Instagram Boosted posts or ads knows that too much photoshopping will prevent your post from being boosted or advertised.  Your attempt at boosting gets rejected.  That’s a general statement, but if you have an Event, or promotion or whatever, far better to create take a picture or buy a picture or create a suitable image with very little photoshopped text.  Both platforms have plenty of room to record all the details of the Event or promotion or whatever.  Let the image just capture the attention of the designated audience.  Many folks create what is really a poster which is jammed packed with information on all the details of the promotion, the sale, the Event, etc. etc. don’t re-size it so it fits in all the various suitable social networks, and wonder why they aren’t getting strong response from their social media marketing efforts.  Facebook has an excellent Event Feature that will be discussed in a future tip.

Would you consider buying a house from a real estate agent whose Facebook Page has a fuzzy image of the house you are interested in?  What does it say about an accounting firm if their images don’t ‘fit’ into the correct size on their Instagram account?  If you are choosing a restaurant for a special dinner, would you choose one whose Facebook Page only has obviously purchased images?  Maybe, but probably not…….and getting out in front for your potential and existing customers is essential and ‘probably not’ isn’t ideal.


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