Sharing (or reposting on Instagram) is a key best practice in Business Social Media Marketing. Instagram is approaching the status of the go-to social network for businesses and organizations.  No sensible business would abandon a Facebook Business Page, but when you can maintain a Facebook Business Page and an Instagram business account almost simultaneously and also consider a Facebook Group for your business it makes social media marketing sense to develop an Instagram presence including reposts.

I have spent most of the spring and summer of 2018 training Instagram for business or working on Event Social Media.

I start the Instagram training with an overview of Instagram, the fact that Facebook now owns Instagram, what the network was originally developed for (photographers) new developments, including the introduction of business accounts and again AND AGAIN I emphasize that Instagram does not operate like Facebook.  There can be nothing that illustrates this more clearly than ‘sharing’ a post on Facebook, or ‘re-posting’ a post on Instagram.  The intent is the same, but the process is wildly different.  One simply has to click on the Share button on Facebook when an Administrator of a Business Page sees a post he/she think would be of value to their fans and voila – after a comment about the post – it appears in the Administrator’s Business Page timeline.  The process to do the same as a repost could not be different on Instagram.

As most folks understand, Instagram is an app-driven platform.  You can’t fully utilize Instagram until you have downloaded the Instagram app onto your handheld device.  Attempting to use Instagram strictly on either a laptop or desktop computer currently doesn’t work.  To have various other features work on Instagram, you need to download an app to make that feature work.  As most know, that isn’t required on Facebook.  Many basic features on Facebook like sharing or scheduling or reposting that are just clicks on Facebook, require an app on Instagram.  With me so far?

I attended a few social media consultant webinars, consulted my well worn Instagram for Dummies by the excellent Jenn Herman along with Eric Butow and Corey Walker from Jenn’s Trends.

And, of course, I Googled Repost on Instagram in several configurations.

All the research wasn’t revealing exactly how to help a student in a straightforward manner to learn how to repost on Instagram.  I tried to repost on Social Media is Not Simple and several other Instagram accounts I manage on behalf of clients.  I emerged with a murky result.  I then thought of a friend of mine who seems to re-post effortlessly.  I asked him if he would share what he did.

Here’s what he said:

“I use the RePost It App. I recently upgraded from the free to the paid version.  The paid version is a whopping $3.99.  There is a free version but doesn’t have as many features and not quite as easy to use.  Please Note:  This isn’t a commercial for the RePost It App.  There are many, many apps to choose for RePosting.  This is simply the one that seems to deliver – when purchasing the paid version – the easiest and best-looking result. Please note that currently RePost It! App only operates on IOS handheld devices.  Also please note that a few ‘recent’ testimonials are over a year old.  It’s always a good idea to read some testimonials, but please ensure you are reading the most recent.
I have recently gotten over my “I won’t pay for apps” old school mentality as I wanted some cool photo editing ones I had read about.
And I started to follow a lot more hashtags rather than following just people. So travel and animals and books – clearly my passions – I see a lot of different stuff. And I repost the stuff that moves me.
The paid upgrade gives more options with how it looks.  After the download of the app, it’s this easy to use:
Like the post, you would like to share with your Instagram followers. 
choose ‘copy link URL’ option
then go to app and it does the work.”
Obviously, this isn’t a step for a first time user of Instagram.  There are SO MANY other areas to master first.  But for those of you now very comfortable managing your business account, here’s how it’s done.
Why am I not revealing who this very helpful friend is?  After all, Social Media is SOCIAL.  This wonderful, multi-talented fellow and I met when he was moving up the Career ladder quickly and I was looking for his type for certain recruiting clients.  He is now a very big cheese at a major corporation that has a rather strict policy on how employees use Social Media.  I promised I wouldn’t reveal enough for people to recognize him.  Suffice to say, amongst many other things, he and I have and love dogs!  Thanks so much for this great input……………you know who you are!

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