How much posting is too much posting on Facebook?



Top 12 Social Media TipsWelcome to Tip 3 of Brenda’s 12 Social Media Tips for Christmas.  We are talking about how much Posting is too much on Facebook.

In the 10 years I have been operating Social Media is NOT Simple this may be the biggest misunderstanding for Administrators of a Facebook Page.  It seems to now becoming an issue on Groups as well, particularly as it refers to Events in Groups.

When Facebook first introduced Facebook Pages for Business on November 7th, 2007, the thought at the time was that as much posting as possible would give the Pages their best result.  That thinking has moved so far away from that, it is nearly the Polar Opposite.

Today, if you post too much in a short period of time (1-2 days) Facebook’s algorithm will actually penalize you b sending your posts out to fewer and fewer fans.  How much is too much?  Probably something like 1 -2 posts per day at maximum.

Why?  Facebook is filled up!  If you consider all of us have a minimum of 100 friends and follow 55 Facebook Pages or participate in 10 Groups (these are averages) and you multiple it by the 2.45 BILLION people worldwide who have a Facebook personal profile, if all posted in a single time period, it may just blow up the internet.  Well, maybe not, but you can see what I mean.  (another tip will try and explain correctly about what is an algorithm and how it changes).

Back to posting too much.  Again, today’s thinking says no more than 1 -2 posts a day and each post should be at a different time of the day.

Yet, there are still many local Cowichan businesses, organizations, etc. who have their Administrator sit down and post 8 posts one right after another on any given day.  Those administrators will begin to see an actual decrease in followers as people don’t want their newsfeed clogged with one post after another in any given time period.  Please don’t do it.  I have actually had people approach me and ask me to contact the offenders and tell them to stop this serial posting.  I never did.  I am not the Facebook police.

So, as mentioned in Tip 2, consider determining when the best time to post is and only post a few well chosen and full of content posts per day – and NOT AT THE SAME TIME!   .

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