Groups on Facebook are becoming essential – Do You Agree?

Groups on Facebook are becoming essential – do you agree?

I am trying to make a HUGE topic into just a tip, so please don’t think this is a full overview of using Groups to expand your reach for your Page on Facebook.

This is Tip 10 of what started out as Brenda’s 12 Tips for Christmas and will conclude this upcoming Friday.  All tips are easily accessed on the Social Media Is Not Simple website under Blog

Hopefully, though, this will get you started down a path of understanding the real value of Groups plus help you to understand the various types of Groups and which are best for business and which are not.  In February, Social Media is Not Simple will be holding a two hour seminar on the Group Topic which will leave you with much more information.

Maybe the best use of this tip is to discuss the type of Groups – there are many on Facebook and they help Business/non-profits/organizations/ and charities in different ways.  Firstly, these are the various type of groups that can be created by an Administrator:  Secret, Closed, and Public.  Here is Facebook’s overview of the difference between the 3 groups.

Secret Groups are not ideal for business.  Most business based Groups are either geographically, demographically, or industry focused and most are Public or Private Groups.  A Public Group will probably let anybody join, or they may require approval from an Administrator, and most Private Groups require approval before joining and beginning to post.

Quite recently, Facebook allowed Pages to join a Group but Administrators must approve this option.  So, some groups allow Pages to join the Group, but some do not.  Arguably, if you are posting on a group as your Page, it is better to have you post as your Page instead of yourself.  In some groups, you have to post as yourself – even if it is a post for your business.

Many groups have been created strictly for Events.  Before attempting to join as your company, read the rules and regulations on every post so you know that what you plan to post is allowed.  The best Groups to join to publicize genuine Events (not recurring situations like two for one Mondays) are those that have Events in the name.  Similarly,  Groups that Businesses likely should not consider joining are usually the Neighbour to Neighbour Groups that report on local lost dogs, driving conditions, recommendations for roadside egg stands, etc.  And always, geographics matter and most of the best Groups are geographically oriented.  Example:  If your business is situated and focuses on southern Cowichan Valley or just Campbell River you should be posted in Groups that focus on those areas.  Cowichan Valley Events or Campbell River/Comox Valley Events, Fundraisers & More, or even  Cowichan Valley Entrepreneurs.which includes a special type of members.

There is lots to learn about the value of Groups for Business and the features of Groups expands almost daily.  If you would like to receive information on Wednesday, February 19th ‘s Groups for Business session by Social Media is Not Simple, please email me if you aren’t a member of my client Group or receive email newsletters from me periodically.




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