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What the heck does the actor Sam Elliott have to do with Social Media?  Well, I admire Sam Elliott.  He’s a great actor, a darn fine voice for Ram Trucks and yes, he is surely good looking.  I saw this picture, originally shared on my Timeline by Susan Andersen.  I don’t know Susan Andersen but she showed up on my Timeline as undoubtedly she is a friend of a friend.  What appears on your timeline, when and from where is a story for another long blog.

I thought I would share it to my Timeline to brighten the days of my friends.  Within a few hours over 100 folks, most that I don’t know, had not only liked the post but many made comments about the magnificence of Sam.  The post was posted on July 15th and today on July 28th more likes are still trickling in.  As you can see above, we are at 533 likes and 120 comments.

I thought I would post the exact same post to the Social Media is Simple page.  20 likes and 4 comments.  How is it, with no effort whatsoever, a single image can attract the attention of 533 people and get a like or comment or both on the personal profile of a person the majority don’t know (me?) but with 233 views, only 20 like the post and 4 comment on the Business Page.  Same post, same handsome man.  The Business Page wasn’t boosted.  The Business Page has 706 fans, I have 478 friends. (mostly Corgi lovers – ha!)

See where I am going with this?  As often mentioned to students during one on one sessions, it is apparent that Facebook is focusing on getting Administrators of Business Pages to use and manage the Page more as themselves than as The Page.  You can create posts, comment, but not share as yourself or as the Page – Facebook defaults to the Page.  See my last blog for full details.  But what if you found an awesome image that attracts your demographic and post it on your personal profile with a business message or contest?  Chances are many more people will see it because the post will be circulated to a wider and wider audience the more likes and comments – engagement – is attributed to the post.

We all struggle to get engagement and traction on Facebook Business Pages.  Why not start using your personal profile to gain more exposure.  Go ahead, give it a try.


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