Brenda’s New Years Tips continued – Taking a Break

A very Happy New Year to one and all in my group of clients, prospects, vendors, supporters, and great friends who make Social Media is Not Simple  

continually referred and a prominent member of the social media marketing community in the Cowichan Valley.  Indeed, we did not finish all 12 Social Media Marketing Tips for 2019, but we are continuing on with this 9th Tips and will conclude all 12 tips in the first week of 2020.

I thought this post from the Farm Table Inn   

illustrates my Tip today.  Click on the link above and read a warm, heartfelt and wonderful post from the folks at the Farm Table Inn  ,

My tip is ‘Take a Break’.  With the introduction of social media in all its forms, we have become generations of folks who live with a smart phone in their hands, spend copious time keeping up to date on the latest posts on the latest pages and groups plus spend extra time following your friends, families, and celebrities.  Not everyone does this, but many folks do.

You can read here that after 3 very successful years, the owners and staff at the Farm Table Inn are actually taking a break to relax, refresh, and renew!  Their B & B and Restaurant has become a favourite in the Cowichan Valley and they work long and hard to provide superior food and customer service.  They are recognized throughout BC And beyond as an excellent spot to go for a quality meal, and warm excellent service.  (and the very, very best seafood chowder in perhaps the world).  I should know, I have had it more than a few times.

Believe it or not, this isn’t a commercial for the Farm Table Inn, although I am happy to provide a huge endorsement.  The tip is to allow yourself, without apology, a break from the busy work of not only restaurant ownership but also constant social media marketing maintenance and creation, and monitoring.  You will not lose your client base if, upon occasion, you dial out of your digital world for a weekend or even a week, particularly if you choose the time frame during your least busiest time and you advise your fans that you are doing it.  Your brain will clear, you can focus on other offline pursuits and you will be the better for it!

Did you know that some social media marketing consultancies offer babysitting surveys for your digital properties.  Social Media is Not Simple 

offers this service.  For a very reasonable amount, if you really want to unplug, we will look after your Social Media Networks, work with you in advance to create and time content, ensure all questions are answered, thanks are offered for good comments, etc. etc.  You can then completely dial out.

We hope the owners and staff at the Farm Table Inn have a lovely relaxing break.  We look forward to hearing what’s up for Valentine’s Day!

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