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The excellent Social Media story of Ralph and George

Ralph and George
No, this isn’t me ranting on about my Corgis again. This struck me as a neat example of how some initiative, some photography skills, and two cute pets – they DON’T have to be Corgis – can produce a loyal fan base, perhaps some income, and a very solid brand.

Facebook’s New Response Time Rules for Businesses

Facebook’s now has a new strong emphasis on the response time a Page should provide for anyone messaging a Page.  (this doesn’t have anything to do with Personal Profiles on Facebook).

This week I am conducting a seminar on Blogging – How to do it, When to do it, Why to do it and Where to do it – so I think a fresh blog on a developing story is in order!   Read more...

The Future of Facebook by Brenda

Well, OK, this isn’t a blog intended to see into the far future of Facebook to help out Mark Zuckerberg in his planning.

This is, however, a peek into the future that I discovered somewhat by accident while training a new employee for a valued client. Read more...