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A Review of Reviews on Google My Business


Is your business or organization listed on Google through Google My Business?  This post is a review of Reviews on Google My Business listings.

First, do you have a Google My Business account?  To check, simply type into Google the name of your business or organization.  Read more...

What are ‘Relevant Posts’ on Facebook?

Top 12 Social Media TipsWhat are Relevant Posts on Facebook?

This is the 8th Tip of Brenda’s Twelve Tips of Christmas.  I keep reminding folks that all tips to date can be found here

You may have noticed in the last six months or so that when people comment on your posts (Oh Happy Day! Read more...

The Story of Stories

Top 12 Social Media TipsThe Story of Stories is Tip Number 7 of Brenda’s Twelve Tips of Christmas.

This time of year, Social Media Marketing Thought Leaders (some call them Gurus) make predictions on what is coming up in the world of Social Media for next year.  Read more...