Beware Reviews, Recommendations and Stars! Oh My!


Many of you have noticed stars under the title of your Facebook Page.  You may or you may not have a place for Recommendations on your Facebook Page timeline.

These features only appear on Pages with an actual street location. If you work from home, work from a building that is constantly locked for security, or any type of circumstance where you haven’t included an actual address and map on your Page Info, then the only way people can review or recommendation your work, services, merchandise, etc. is to post on the Page’s timeline and you must click ‘allow on page’ for everyone to see the Post with a recommendation or review on your timeline.

If you do have an actual address recorded, and if someone wishes to click on the stars, then they can leave a review from 1 to 5 and also leave comments.  Sounds OK up to this point, eh?

The difficulty is you as an Administrator of the Page, can NOT read the reviews.  It seems periodically or occasionally you can read a review, but not who left it.  If it is negative, there is NO WAY to deal with that logged in as yourself or logged in as the Administrator.  Facebook says this is to maintain the privacy of the reviewer.

More difficulty arises when you learn that its well-known that if even one person (perhaps that has nothing to do with the business but has a personal dispute with the owner of the business, mischief makers, ex-wives or husbands, etc.) assesses your business with 1 star, it forever lowers the star ratings, even if you never received a rating below a 5 afterwards.  It also eliminates the on again/off again possibility of ever being able to read any review.

This is a real problem for businesses that take pride in addressing all comments – positive or negative.  To the best of my knowledge, I have had only 1 client in three years who didn’t find my service satisfactory yet someone has accorded Social Media is Simple a rating of 1.  It’s strange, but I think we’d all agree that people put quite a bit of stock into reviews, recommendations, testimonials, and endorsements.  I could say that Social Media is Simple has been built of them.

Check out It’s a Facebook Page created to explain the situation and provide input and answers to all areas of this seriously flawed system.

How to get around it?  This will only work if you haven’t got an address for your business recorded on Facebook.  If you do – and should – in examples such as storefronts, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc. etc. etc. then at least beware of the inadequacies of the system.  Back to the go around… need to go to your Page Info on your Facebook Page.  You should be logged in as your Page. Go to Categories and choose anything for Category that doesn’t look like anything business.  Social Media is Simple is now recorded as Farming/Agriculture and doesn’t appear as such to any viewer.  No more stars, fake 1 star assessments, or problems or praise I can’t view to fix.

Facebook is like men.  ‘You can’t live with them, but you can’t live without them’  Please! just a joke.  And a pox on whomever felt it necessary to give Social Media is Simple 1 star!

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