Alignable – misleading tactics to build their database?

This is a blog about Alignable and Pinterest and LinkedIn and other social networks who employ what I consider misleading tactics to build their database.

This is not an attack on Alignable, it is an opinion piece where the views and opinions are strictly my own..

This is a social network coming to the social media world a little late. A read here about Alignable’s goals from TechCrunch make some wrong assumptions about local businesses being unable to connect, in my opinion,  TechCrunch on Alignable    Here is why I am not jumping on the Alignable bandwagon.

Firstly, please take the time to read the post I did in early April 2015 entitled The Sad Case of Bev and Pinterest   Please excuse the ‘first blog references’ this post was done in early April 2015.

That post went carefully through an odd situation that wasn’t uncommon.  Years earlier LinkedIn asked people who had created a profile on LinkedIn to ‘click here and invite your friends to LinkedIn’ or some similar wording and once clicked, all of the folks in your directory were sent constant emails giving the impression that you endorsed them (and their friends) to click the link and be part of LinkedIn.  To this very day, when discussing my services with new, potential clients, they mention that they get invites to LinkedIn when they have never even been to the site.

You can see how the exact same technique was used by Pinterest to build their database by reading the above blog about Beverlee Caron.  And, Alignable seems to be using the very same technique.

I set up a bare bones Alignable profile and have been literally barraged by emails about people wanting to join my network, who want me to join their network, who have recommended me or want recommendations for them – the majority from companies I may or may not know but whom, when contacted, certainly didn’t ask for a recommendation or a network connection.

On Alignable’s     landing page on the website, they declare ‘Alignable is how small business owners get referrals’.  Really?  Every major social media network can be easily utilized to stay within a local region.  On LinkedIn there is the Cowichan Valley Business Group . there are many, many groups on Facebook that allow small businesses to connect, we now have hashtags such as #cowichan #Cowichanvalley #cowichanv on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that immediately connect us with businesses in our locale.  Aren’t referrals earned like the Recommendations on Facebook or LinkedIn?  Don’t most of our businesses already belong to some social media platform or another that is producing results for us.  The Instagram #CowichanValley group has grown to a fantastic online place to market your wares and services and stay abreast of what else is happening in your community while having fun with images and interactions, suggestions, assistance, and support from other businesses far and wide.

Whereas I could NOT source any viable proof, one would wonder if LinkedIn and Alignable are more than linked:     LinkedIn and Alignable

Bottom line………..  apologies to the many local businesses – over 50 of them – that want to connect on Alignable.  I am just not going to add this to my digital arsenal.  To those good peeps, connections, clients, and community members who assume I am endorsing you, or you should be endorsing me or that I am a ‘community leader’ as per Alignable, I am none of the above and haven’t made any of those authentic comments, or statements.  I take pride in endorsing businesses – clients or otherwise – when it’s authentic.

I guess this ‘use whatever means you can to build a database’ even if it isn’t authentic, may work for some, but not for me.

A final comment:  Also on the landing page for Alignable is this phrase ‘ Join the free network trusted by small business owners.”  How can we trust a network that provides referrals to businesses that have never been referred.

Next week – Facebook and Instagram differences





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