What our Clients are saying…


“Just enjoyed a break in the sun and randomly decided to publicly post a “Kudos” to Ms. Brenda Burch. Not sure how many of you crossed paths with her.

Brenda, you really wrote the book on professional retail-sector recruiting, mentored many, ‘CEO-whispered’ more than a few, and launched and sold the first Canadian online job board for the sector. For me, an ally and colleague.

Was thinking of you and the gardening surge of late, you guiding me on the western Canadian retail landscape when I landed here, saying ‘yes’ to my project escapades – and especially the team-of-the-future groundwork you collab’d on for Lee Valley that was surely one key step on the path to their terrific revitalization.

Adding you to my list for an in-person glass of something when we can. The Island is a great place to be riding this out, I am sure.”

David Ian Gray,
owner/operator of DIG360,
Canada’s premier research and retail consulting company. 

“Your contributions to the business and social health of our community is something to be celebrated.”
Clemens Rettich, Business Advisor
Great Performances Group


Thanks, Brenda. It’s always a fun learning experience for everyone when you are around.
Cathy Robertson, General Manager
Community Futures Cowichan