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Meet Brenda BurchBrenda at computer

I am a serial entrepreneur and I have operated the dba businesses of Dumont & Associates Retail Recruitment Ltd, canadianretail.com, and Social Media is NOT Simple all under the parent company, Bjork Enterprises Ltd. I currently operate Social Media is NOT Simple as a sole practitioner.

Social Media is NOT Simple was established in early 2011 to address a growing need for businesses on Vancouver Island to learn and embrace social media as it emerged as a powerful marketing tool for business.

My career has involved marketing, advertising, recruitment, and human resources. I was writing blogs as early as 2006 and saw how the value of community and how connecting with people on a more social basis could form a compelling basis for doing business. I’m a keen and persistent networker and thoroughly understand the value of solid relationships in business and community.

I have been the social media trainer of choice throughout the Cowichan Valley and beyond since the company was established.

In 2021 we will have served the Cowichan Valley for 12 years. The majority of our training is one on one or small groups for beginners and occasionally we provide public training sessions.  These public sessions either feature an overview of social media marketing to new adapters or are often teaching new developments in social media marketing to more experienced pupils.

I have managed social media for a wide variety of organizations and businesses that choose to contract out this service.

I have been proud to serve as a Director of the Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce for seven years and, along with Kelly Frazer, founder of the Cowichan Valley Social Media Club.

I am currently at Director of the Cobble Hill Farmers Institute and volunteer with various community and charity organizations such as Toys Toiletries & Toques and earlier with Starfish Pack Cowichan.  Throughout my career, I have volunteered with such organizations as the British Columbia Retail Merchants Association, Retail Council of Canada, Canadian Women in Timber, and various recruitment organizations.

Social Media is NOT Simple works with special rates for non-profits and charitable organizations.

A lover of all things in the Cowichan Valley, a proud Agility Mom to Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Jolene. I am a rabid gardener, a foodie, a winey, and a traveller. I especially enjoy connecting people to people for both business and pleasure.


2015 Black Tie Finalist