A Review of Reviews on Google My Business


Is your business or organization listed on Google through Google My Business?  This post is a review of Reviews on Google My Business listings.

First, do you have a Google My Business account?  To check, simply type into Google the name of your business or organization.  If you don’t see anything on the search results to the right, you don’t have a Google My Business account.  Social Media is Not Simple has just recently updated all elements of their Google My Business account.

I wrote a post on the Social Media is Not Simple Facebook Page back in late September 2019 about Google My Business.  Just click this link and you could see where I was heading back then.

How to create a Google My Business account?  Just Google ‘how to create a Google My business account and there are many straightforward links and explanations to get you started.

Ok, so what about the reviews?  As you can see by the image at the top of this blog, when you type in Social Media is Not Simple in Google, on the right hand side will come up all sorts of information including trading area, all areas of service the company or the organization provides , contact points, some history, etc. etc.  I will probably be killed by a combination of Facebook and Google representatives, but it is somewhat like a mini Facebook Page.

It works best if you upload photos, have a complete account, AND HAVE REVIEWS.  A reviewer can simply choose how many stars their experience with the company/organization has been or also has the option of providing comments.  It’s no different than a Reviews on a Facebook Page if you include Reviews in your menu, or TripAdvisor, etc. etc.  There can be good and bad reviews.  The strength of the Google reviews is that many of the folks who have searched to find a social media consultant in the Cowichan Valley or a Event Promoter who uses social media – they will see reviews, good, bad and indifferent.

May I use this blog to politely and respectfully ask for a review if you have enjoyed my services over the past 11 years?  I certainly am very fortunate to have many reviews and testimonials on the Social Media is Simple website and LinkedIn but I do believe in the power of Google.  Shannon Dillabough, the very clever owner of Lucky Paws Pet Supply suggested that perhaps local Cowichan small businesses each authentically provide reviews to one another during this time of self-isolation.  I think it’s an excellent idea and the first Google My Business account I provided an enthusiastic review was for Lucky Paws Pet Supply.

A blog at this time would be odd without mentioning the very terrifying COVID-19 crisis.  I always thought that 9/11 would be the defining tragedy of my life, but it seems this plague/pandemic is equal or worse.  Today I will compose a post on the Social Media is Not Simple Facebook Private Group Page and the Social Media is Not Simple Facebook Page, the Social Media is Not Simple Instagram account on my LInkedIn account  the Social Media is Not Simple Twitter account and Social Media is Not Simple’s listing in the Duncan Cowichan Chamber of Commerce  

Perhaps when you are self isolating, you may want to consider updating all your social network connections as well.  I haven’t travelled in the last year and am healthy and am happy to offer my services to pick up grocery, pharmacy or whatever you need.  I will wear my purple surgical gloves bought for an entirely different purpose last year and will ensure what you receive on your doorstep is completely disinfected.  The Cowichan Valley is special.  I am honoured to see how many folks, organizations, and businesses are helping those in need.

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