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12 Social Media Tips for Christmas


Top 12 Social Media Tips

About five years ago, I did 12 Social Media Tips for Christmas.  It was fun to do and hopefully, it was educational for the readers.

For the first tip, let’s talk about tagging.  In a recent training class I was conducting for the excellent Nanaimo Women’s Business Network one of the students asked what is the value of tagging.  Read more...

RePost on Instagram How to easily do it



Sharing (or reposting on Instagram) is a key best practise in Business Social Media Marketing. Instagram is approaching the status of the go-to social network for businesses and organizations.  No sensible business would abandon a Facebook Business Page, but when you can maintain a Facebook Business Page and an Instagram business account almost simultaneously and also consider a Facebook Group for your business it makes social media marketing sense to develop an Instagram presence including reposts. Read more...