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Is LinkedIn the new Social Media Frontier?


Is LinkedIn the new Social Media Frontier or Tuna Sandwiches

In 2004, when I was Brenda Dumont, I signed into LinkedIn.  A very special website developer, Paul Miniato, who did a spectacular job of making my national retail job board – Read more...

Beware Reviews, Recommendations and Stars! Oh My!


Many of you have noticed stars under the title of your Facebook Page.  You may or you may not have a place for Recommendations on your Facebook Page timeline.

These features only appear on Pages with an actual street location. If you work from home, work from a building that is constantly locked for security, or any type of circumstance where you haven’t included an actual address and map on your Page Info, then the only way people can review or recommendation your work, services, merchandise, etc. Read more...

Logging in on Facebook


If you have trained with me to manage your Facebook Business Page then you know I used to OVER emphasize the correct way to login to have your Page perform properly.  In the notes I provide with every training session, there is a whole section on how to login correctly. Read more...

New Facebook Timeline Changes

As you may have noticed by now, Facebook has rolled out its new look for PAGES. Facebook says that its a “streamlined look for Pages that will make it easier for people to find the information they want and help Page admins find the tools they use most.”