12 Social Media Tips for Christmas


About five years ago, I did 12 Social Media Tips for Christmas.  It was fun to do and hopefully, it was educational for the readers.

For the first tip, let’s talk about tagging.  In a recent training class I was conducting for the excellent Nanaimo Women’s Business Network one of the students asked what is the value of tagging.  It was an excellent question and it gets right to the heart of what is Social Media.

To begin, tagging on Facebook is easy to do.  For an example, if I was doing a post about the new way to schedule a post on Facebook (that will be discussed in an upcoming tip) and I learned the new procedure from Facebook Guru, Mari Smith it would be good social media practise to say that I had learned the new procedure from Mari.  To tag Mari, I simply place an ‘at’ @ sign in front of the Facebook Page name – in her case it is @Mari Smith.  The moment you start typing after the @ sign, Facebook goes looking for Facebook Page names that start the same.  Mari has a huge and well-deserved reputation so Facebook will find her page very quickly.  Click on the page, the @ disappears and Mari Smith appears blue.  You have successfully tagged any business, event, group or person if you follow these instructions.  Simple, eh?

What happens when you tag a person or a business?

  • People reading your post can click on the link you have created.  In our example, one click and it will take you to Mari Smith’s Facebook Page.  Second, if Mari has her notifications turned on, she will get a notification that her Page has been tagged.  Same works for people who are tagged – the post shows up in their Personal Profile.
  • When the business or person or public group (you can’t tag a closed group within the group or without for obvious reasons) or Event sees that you have tagged them and given a reader of your post an easy way to get to their Facebook Page or Personal Profile, this is helping them to be known and that’s good social media.  In some circumstances, they will reciprocate and tag your business when appropriate.
  • Tagging helps to create authentic stories and can build community.
  • It is an excellent way to thank a company or person.  We tag every thank you post we post for our Toys Toiletries & Toques charity which provides new, non-food items to those in need in the Cowichan Valley.  Their company gets recognition and our genuine thanks for their donation.

What did I tell the student who asked about ‘why tag?’.  I told her that promoting or thanking or sharing the success of others is part of successful Social Media.  Stay Tuned.  More Tips upcoming!  .